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M&A constantly needs fulltime and part time freelancers for language placement in cooperation with the authorities, private companies and persons. If interested, be kind enough and let us know.

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The efficiency of deverloppment lies in the consideration that capital serves nature, the human nature being part of ecological nature. This can only be possible through social productivity leading to reinventing the economical productivity, thus are we a Non-Profitable service firm. Please think about us.


You can be a freelancer for us as interpreters. You simply send the completed application forms to us. The forms can be found in our download area. For the good cooperation we thank you in advance! Maybe you have questions? Please write to us.


This is a simple way to promote Communication. Language is a human treasure. It helps communicate in a human way. Make use of our language specialits and be successfull at building successful human Networks!

Tshibanda Muteba ,CEO M&A


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Saturday, 12 May 2012
Language and Culture: Dialects, Languages and Ethnicity

People on occasion will ask me a questions like, "In Kenya, does everybody speak Swahili, or do some people still speak dialects?" Notably, the speaker seems to have the idea that Swahili is a language but the other 85 languages of the 125 or so ethnicities are "dialects." Dr. Orville Boyd Jenkins

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