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  • JA Navigations

    Mega Menu was introduced with the first version of the framework to bring new features for the Joomla! Community. Click here to find out more. This new menu system changed the classic navigation systems thanks to the additional features and several...

  • Offline page

    20px; border-radius: 3px; border: 1px solid #E5E6E7; padding: 20px; width: 400px; } #frame h1 { background: url(../templates/ja_mendozite/images/logo.png) no-repeat center center; color: #666; display: block; height: 35px; margin: 0 auto; padding: 5px;...

  • 10 Ways to Convert A Looker Into A Saleperson

    Convallis condimentum facilisi urna elit turpis Suspendisse orci turpis interdum pede. Tellus Curabitur Maecenas quis mauris orci euismod tincidunt interdum urna porttitor. Elit ac Nunc ac leo id auctor convallis enim ac mauris. Velit Aenean Lorem netus...

  • A Blessing And A Curse

    Nisl Fusce mattis semper id enim nibh pretium justo hac rutrum. Enim dolor Pellentesque et justo et Ut Aliquam lobortis dolor metus. Enim semper eget condimentum nulla Nam cursus ipsum Aenean vitae nisl. Est interdum vel consectetuer vitae Maecenas...

  • Turning Uncollected Judgments Into Cash

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetuer id sed ridiculus in suscipit. Metus Aliquam malesuada Morbi leo pede id dolor elit at pede. Et lorem et in mus porttitor Ut ac libero orci Proin. Lacinia mollis cursus malesuada ut sodales nibh Nulla leo sagittis...

  • Typography

    page presents most of typographical aspects of JA T3v2 Framework. Make your readers happy with great Typography and User Experience! Blockquote T his is a sample Blockquote . Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetuer rutrum dignissim et neque id. Interdum...


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