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Private Contracts

Written by  Saturday, 25 August 2012 06:30

Commercial documents and published material of a non-specialist or specialist nature can all be translated, provided that these are printed legibly and contain no tables. Commercial documents that need to be formated, the formating has its own price. Also private contracts can reffer tocommercial documents. In the private sector the most frequently translated documents are of the legal and academic nature. Nevertheless translations of other natures are also welcome. In this section you will find prices for both professional private translation services.

Statement to the groups:

01     Documents, correspondence and general texts

02     Justice: indictments, penalty, leaflets, letters rogatory ...     

         Economy: Contracts, Business

03     Engineering: Mechanical, Electrical, medical equipment, automotive engineering, computer science, civil engineering, environment, chemistry,       ...      food technology Lens


Specific translations: manuals, tenders, product catalogs, patents, software, contracts, advertising texts, medical texts, various computer programs

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